Help for Depression, Anxiety and Negative Emotions

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This global, universally applied technique provides the tools needed for the treatment of depression, anxiety and negative emotions for children and adults.

“When you get better, the world gets better”

Gentle Reprocessing™ is a psychotherapy approach that reduces symptoms of PTSD, anxiety and depression. Our vision is for clients to heal gently, rapidly, deeply and permanently. This transformative, dynamic and empowering psychotherapy releases a wide array of emotional disturbances resulting from trauma experienced by clients of all ages and backgrounds.

We offer Gentle Reprocessing workshops for licensed mental health workers. Learn more about our upcoming workshops and online workshop.


Click the image below to watch an interview with the founder of Gentle Reprocessing™, Diane Spindler, as she explains how she came to develop this empowering treatment.

Diane has been honing her unique process since 1999 to equip not only her own clients, but also other clinicians, with the tools needed to overcome negative emotional effects and suffering caused by PTSD, Panic Attacks, Depression, and Anxiety.


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