Do You Have Trauma in Your Past or Who Would Have Known That’s a Trauma

When most people think about trauma, they have a very limited view of what a trauma or Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) is. Usually they will think of veterans coming back from a bloody war or a woman being brutally raped. But there are many more subtle traumas that happen to people, sometimes on a daily basis, that eventually cause the symptoms of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), anxiety and depression, as well as others, whether or not the client, themselves, would readily identify these as traumatic events when asked.

There are two main types of trauma: acute and chronic. An acute trauma is a one-time event such as a car accident or a home burning down. A chronic trauma is an ongoing trauma experienced consistently over time such as living with an alcoholic parent or in a bad foster care situation.

When I teach about trauma, I ask the clinicians to name possible traumatic events. I say possible, because it only becomes a trauma for someone when their brain is incapable of processing the event (see previous post). Here are some of the examples they have come up with: poverty, bullying, incarceration, adoption, emotional abuse, religion, natural disaster, physical abuse, infertility, childbirth, divorce, death of a significant person or pet, illness (self or others), school (especially if there is an undetected learning disability), national disaster, sexual abuse, war, severe weather,  job loss, neglect, ritual abuse, betrayal, humiliation, discrimination, and shaming. This, unfortunately, is not an exhaustive list.

Broadening the way people identify trauma, will help clinicians to help their clients identify and heal from the underlying cause of some of their mental health symptoms.


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  1. Ingrid Fischer says:

    I am a 66 year old PTSD survivor ( verbally abusive father born in 1901 old school authoritarian power /ruling over women and children model, and two controlling spouses, and I am free now ( a widow). My mom died when I was 1 so I became the serving self sacrificing guit tripped and attacked scapegoated, and parentified daughter. I have done a lot of volunteer social work under my belt as well as 12 step philosophy, a Certificate in Life Coaching, and some tools of energy healing in y tool box ( EFT, Meditation, Clearing MP 3’s from other healers and such). Yet, I a still working though a lot. My second spouse died 6 moths ago. My siblings behaviors during the ast year of stress were very disappointing ( they have nit changed since childhood it seemed!), and I am moving on yet working through lot. Are here any practitioners who practice Gentle Reprocessing near Concord, MA 01742? I bet none of them accoects medicare with Bronze BC/ BS supplement? This is hard for those over 65 who have pad high premiums for PPO many decades and are now “down graded” when they need services.. Just asking–who knows it may lead to something?

    • Ingrid, We are similar ages and I do understand some of your background. Sounds like Gentle Reprocessing would be helpful. Sounds like a lot of what you have done you paid out of pocket. I know that you would prefer to use your insurance on this, but you could go just once a month and pay out of pocket. I charge $80.00/hour and am about an hour from you. I also do some work on Skype once there is a relationship. You can also see if anyone on my trained clinicians on my website. In general, people are not going to therapy for a long time with Gentle. I hope this is helpful. Good luck with your healing, Diane

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