Diane Spindler LMFT, LMHCFounder and Gentle Manager

Diane maintains a private practice in Central Massachusetts. She enjoys creating new and innovative ways to work with her clients, which led her to developing Gentle Reprocessing™, a therapy focused on eliminating post-traumatic stress quickly and effectively. Gentle Reprocessing has been fine tuned since its creation in 1999. Diane has been teaching Gentle Reprocessing in workshops throughout the United States, Canada and Europe, including Boston University, since 2001, the Foster Family-Based Treatment Association conference in Houston, the European EMDR conference in Paris and two other EMDR Conferences. She was first published in the Special Children’s Edition of the EMDRIA Newsletter in 1999. Diane has been writing posts about trauma, psychotherapy, depression and anxiety, which can be found on her website and help people understand what trauma is all about..

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