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What Clients Using Gentle Reprocessing Are Saying:


“Due to working with Diane and Gentle Reprocessing, I’m feeling much more confidence – in my business, with my blended family, with friends and others.  In other words, I’m feeling more confident with everyone.  Although I’m not as assertive as I’d like to be, I’m asserting myself more and more, and am asking for help when it’s appropriate.  Instead of pushing people away, I’m finding that I’m getting closer to everyone that matters to me.”

“Besides that, I’m now able to take action on things that I couldn’t do before.  I’ve done some decorating that I’ve wanted to do, but couldn’t for four years.  I planned a trip to see various branches of my family, and then organized a family dinner.   I have never before organized a family event in my 57 years, but it felt like time to see everyone and I stepped up!  Thank you, Diane for all your insight and help!” – S. Adams  Client

A year after stopping therapy: I am doing SPECTACULARLY! WooHoo! Thanks for helping me shed the chains of trauma! Best thing I EVER did for myself! Sarah L. Client

When introduced to the concept of Gentle Reprocessing, I was skeptical that it could work. But after using this process, my issues actually resolved themselves. Later, if something was dragging me down, I found myself using this skill on my own. It’s very empowering to use Gentle Reprocessing and enable myself to have control over life’s issues, issues that could drag me down and keep me in the dark, rather than moving forward in the light.   J. Loether Client

I have read ” PTSD Cure”.  I have had the pleasure of having David Norwood work with me. I am a two tour combat veteran and a survivor of a massive natural disaster . David’s work with me using this technique is like a miracle for me. It saved my life and I  wish all combat veterans could experience the ” cure” I received  by your technique  (Gentle Reprocessing). I am doing so well that I  have been given the opportunity to speak at a PTSD/ tragic brain injury retreat in March. Mike Damon (Gentle Client)

“This Gentle version has helped me to quickly and easily achieve relief, insight, and substantial shifts/movement. I believe Gentle is a truly revolutionary breakthrough, allowing me to ease in quietly and simply remove the underpinnings associated with years of trauma, pain, or dysfunction. Under Diane’s attentive guidance, undesirable habitual behaviors and responses were directly and rapidly transformed, while the dysfunction fades in the face of a more common sense perspective.” Client

“For anyone who has spent years in talk therapy as I did, finding Diane Spindler and her work is truly a miracle. Working with guided imagery and Gentle bi-lateral stimulation, Diane and I were able to blast through years of trauma and resolve and release old emotional patterns quickly and easily. I worked intensively with Diane over a 10 month period, once a week, every Monday. At the end I was left clear, balanced, whole and equipped with a tool box to resolve issues on my own. The work was deep and profoundly transformative and I have and will continue to recommend Diane to anyone who is in need of deep healing for trauma to the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. She is a sensitive, intuitive and strong healing force for good and I am blessed to have had the gift of her work in my life.” Client

“Nine months ago, I embarked on a journey that I never could have imagined, one
that defined a new start to a better life. That journey began nine months ago
with a family in crises, two small vibrating paddles and a caring guide.
As I spoke to you and we began a process that was unknown to me at the time, (Gentle Reprocessing) I felt myself RELAX and RELEASE what we were discussing for the first time in my life.

“Our therapy has changed my life, my husband’s life and my child’s life. I am not a different person for it, but a better person. For the first time in my life, I have a sense of well-being. Without the Gentle Reprocessing, I do not want to even speculate where my life would have been right now, but the progress that we have made with this process in a shorter time than I could have ever imagined has made a better life for my entire family.” Client

What Clinicians Using Gentle Reprocessing Are Saying:

“I have had great success with a large variety of clients utilizing Gentle Reprocessing. It is easy, quick, and effective. I would definitely recommend this training!” – Carol Soldervill LCISW

“Regarding the use of Gentle Reprocessing in my practice: I found your course very valuable for my practice. I have done trauma work for several years, using guided visualization and other non-verbal techniques and wanted to learn about bilateral stimulation so I could include it in my practice. I found the information you provided practical, clear and very useful. Your presentation with clinical examples and practice during class was most valuable. I really appreciated your pointing out that the basics about what you teach can be incorporated into one’s own style. Thanks very much for sharing this valuable clinical technique.” Diana L. Villigas, Ph.D LICSW

“Level I Gentle Reprocessing was one of the most helpful workshops I’ve taken in my 33 years of counseling. I immediately used the skills from the class and experienced wonderful results with clients who were previously ‘stuck’.  These are tools every clinician should have in their trauma ‘tool box’.

Diane’s teaching style is delightful and I love how she is available for consultation and supervision as you integrate these skills into your practice. I whole-heartedly recommend the workshop and look forward to taking Level II.” M. R. Smith LICSW

Hi Diane,
“I continue to do Gentle Reprocessingoften. One of my extremely anxious and depressed clients who had ECT treatment and lost her memory can remember Gentle Reprocessing did it on her own before walking down the aisle at her daughter’s wedding. She has a lot of social anxiety and Gentle Reprocessing helps her to take a mental break when she has to/ needs to be with people. She has married off 3 daughter in 2 years and now her son announced that he’s getting married in Sept. so she told me yesterday that she plans to do Gentle Reprocessing to get her through. Another client (9 years old) used it to help him with a needle phobia. Thanks so much for inventing this awesome technique. You may quote me! All my best, Pam” (Clinician)

“Well, it’s been over a month that I’ve been using and adapting Gentle Reprocessing internal and external techniques in my practice.  I also continue to use them for my own personal growth.  Very simply, these techniques have transformed my 24 year practice, taking it to a new level of effectiveness with nearly all of my clients, ranging from 10 year old kids to people in their 70s, and even couples.  With the combination of powerful visualization, bilateral stimulation, yogic breathing, and crayon-based work, clients are achieving levels of resolution and relaxation I’ve simply never seen before. Some of the issues I’ve addressed using these methods include depression and anxiety, trauma (recent and old), life stressors, OCD, substance abuse, relationships (I’ve even helped couples go on a visualized “date” in session, sharing the tapper paddles and visualization!), ADD/ADHD.

For example, I have a client (ADD, trauma, heroin recovery) with whom I’ve worked for many years on a variety of issues. She’s always had a hard time ‘locating’ the sources of her resistance to being productive, eg, doing her online college work. The other day, I handed her the tapper paddles, commenced with visualization (@ her favorite beach), ‘invited’ her inner child to join her, and she swiftly learned that she needed to appease herself with some little reward as incentive to do necessary work @ at the adult level.  Simple, Gentle. Thank you again for your good work!” D.N Clinician

Hi Diane,
I wanted to thank you for the huge gift you have given me. Gentle Reprocessing is shaping how I work in such profound ways, and it is inserting itself into my life and inner workings with such significance, that I need to communicate this to you.  I have a few gems to share.  I am working with a 15 year old girl with Arthrogryposis (fusing and shriveling of the limbs…) and had just begun to dip in with her into traumatic emotions and tried out the Gentle Reprocessing metaphor for the first time last weekend. There are no ends to my appreciation of “gentle”, and of having something that involves the imagination in such a wise and long-term-yielding fashion. The way you created it, it taps old and potent stuff, but wraps it in such contemporary features that it is just beautiful.
Thank you! Tali Silver (Clinician)

Dear Diane,
Yesterday I had occasion to use Gentle Reprocessing with a client who was having a phobic reaction to an anticipatory phobia. This client is a DID and she was able to bring all parts with the Adult Wise Self to the rock in the river. We turned on the tappers. With some help from the Wise Self each part was able to unburden the fear, sadness and shame that was connected to the phobia and the traumatic memory feeding the phobia. She was able to clear the strong emotional charge and move to a calmness so that when she put her attention back on the object of the phobia there was no reaction. She was able to give all parts positive cognitions including that they are safe now, they have choices now, the abuse is over and they can stay in the present trusting the Adult Wise Self.
Pat Thatcher LICSW

“I love this approach! It uses the strength of EMDR without the risks of re-traumatizing. This takes EMDR to a deeper level.” S. Schwartz LICSW

Use of Gentle Reprocessing in treating phobias:
A 21 year old female complaining of depression and anxiety due to trauma and contracting three sexually transmitted diseases. Depression symptoms were lifting when client complained of having phobia of trains. She could not go into a train station while the train was there or drive/walk by train tracks when train was going by without experiencing intense fear. I used Gentle Reprocessing on the fear connected to trains. Fear resolved and client on longer experienced an discomfort regarding trains.
Lori Miller-Freitas, LICSW

After using Gentle Reprocessing with my most fragile anorexic client, she said, “I feel better. Maybe I could eat.” This demonstrates the power of Gentle Reprocessing and the value of working with metaphor to reduce the intensity of the affect connected to trauma.”
Barbara Gangemi, LMHC

Dear Ms. Spindler,
After having attended your workshop on ‘Gentle Reprocessing’ sponsored by NASW at Boston University a few months ago, I left with great hope that I now had a new tool with which to help people heal. I had Level I EMDR training in 2002 and had been invigorated by that addition to my skills. However, this form of the be-lateral modality seemed to be able to reach a wider population than I was willing to engage with the traditional model. I had attended a conference in the Fall of 03 where Belleruth Naparsteck, LICSW, had offered the healing power of ‘Guided Imagery’. She had spoken of the research indicating that EMDR and Guided Imagery appeared to be the most successful modalities in helping people to heal their trauma. You had been able to combine these two very effective aspects of healing and several of my clients are benefiting from your endeavors. I wanted to thank you for your work. The results have given me a great opportunity for clients with whom I would likely have continued to offer only traditional psychotherapy. Having completed my MSW at Boston College in 1977, I have offered decades of traditional psychotherapy and certainly treat my share of trauma working so often with co-existing diagnosis throughout the years.

I would like to offer a couple of examples of some of the work that has been done. One middle-aged female who had had multiple hospitalizations having been diagnosed with Bi-Polar II, PTSD, and Alcohol Dependence had begun work with me in 1999. Much of the PTSD centered around years of incest. She went from hospitals to homelessness to rest homes, etc. She was struggling with a form of Karsikoff’s from the alcoholism. Though she had been recently clean and sober for over a year, we rarely touched upon the trauma issues until Gentle Reprocessing. It was a couple of days after session #4 where an aspect of the incest had been targeted that I asked her how it had been for her. She said, “It’s weird.” She went on to say she felt as though she had “been purged”. She also reported “it felt like a cleansing of my soul”. Few people would have imagined this woman alive at this point let alone feeling this kind of relief from her past.

I have also used your modality on those with mental health disorders combined with Methadone treatment as well. It has been well received and it is making sense to people to rid themselves of levels of stored up feelings in this way in order to move forward free of their weight and limiting effects.

I would enjoy keeping you posted as I utilize Gentle Reprocessing with my various clients. Again, I feel it is a wonderful tool to help people shift the trauma experience via metaphor and bilateral stimulation.

Ginger Montenegro Hadley, LICSW, LAD I, CADAC II

“The emotions of the target are reprocessed using guided, client generated metaphors. Clients can then neutralize disturbances without all the painful re-witnessing of the traumatic details.” Star Potts, LICSW

As a clinical social worker of 30 years, much of my practice has been working with those impacted by various levels of trauma.  Over the past few years, I have been seeking a training that would address the needs of my clients as traditional psychotherapy has not been that effective.

After attending the Gentle Reprocessing Workshop I in May of 2012, I have been able to utilize the skills learned in this two days workshop to help my clients recover from longstanding trauma issues.  It is not a quick fix but a process that shows increasing results over a relatively brief amount of time.

The workshop was well organized and appropriate to the various levels of experience of the clinicians attending. The trainer was very engaging and interactive with the group of clinicians.  I would highly recommend the workshop to anyone working in the field with clients with trauma. F. White Clinician

What Clinicians Right After Taking a Workshop  Are Saying:

“This is an amazing technique and Diane presents it and teaches in such a comprehensive and thorough way.”

“Fantastic!! Thank you!!!”

“Diane has created a skill that will facilitate healing for many people through Gentle Reprocessing. I am excited about using this technique in the future!”

“What a great program to learn a new way to help our clients. This is a ‘must have’ for every clinician.”

“Very useful and valuable workshop.”

“I have been looking for a therapeutic tool like this…so glad to find something concrete.”

“I am so excited about this, and can’t wait to get back and use it on clients. …it takes care of over-escalating the client and allows them to contain and reprocess their emotions.”

“This training exceeded my expectations. I can’t wait to put it into practice.”

“Practical and gentle; open-ended. I will use this technique on a daily basis.”

“This was fantastic, and I hope to do further workshops.”

“Superb training – thank you!! Great blend of verbal instruction, practice, videos and written materials.”

“Level II would be great.”