What Clients Using Gentle Reprocessing™ Are Saying:

“After years of dealing with anxiety, it began to take over my life. I could no longer function in my role at work and getting out of the house had become a challenge. Four years of traditional therapy and countless medications were no longer helping and I began to question what the rest of my life would look like. After only a few sessions with Diane Spindler, I not only was able to function at a higher level, but I began to look forward to events I once dreaded. the techniques I learned from Diane have become an invaluable part of my life and my entire family owes her a debt of gratitude.” T. Canale Client

“Due to working with Diane and Gentle Reprocessing, I’m feeling much more confidence – in my business, with my blended family, with friends and others. In other words, I’m feeling more confident with everyone. Although I’m not as assertive as I’d like to be, I’m asserting myself more and more, and am asking for help when it’s appropriate. Instead of pushing people away, I’m finding that I’m getting closer to everyone that matters to me.”
“Besides that, I’m now able to take action on things that I couldn’t do before. I’ve done some decorating that I’ve wanted to do, but couldn’t for four years. I planned a trip to see various branches of my family, and then organized a family dinner. I have never before organized a family event in my 57 years, but it felt like time to see everyone and I stepped up! Thank you, Diane for all your insight and help!” – S. Adams Client

“Diane’s approach to resolving the issues that get in the way of happiness and peace of mind had me asking ‘how does that work?’. I had worked through my issues with counseling before and thought I was past them. What I realized after working with Diane was that I had intellectualized them but never really got the true resolution I needed to move on and understand myself and my reactions. I don’t ask how it works anymore, I am just grateful that it did.” – K.T. client

“A year after stopping therapy: I am doing SPECTACULARLY! WooHoo! Thanks for helping me shed the chains of trauma! Best thing I EVER did for myself!” – Sarah L. Client

“When introduced to the concept of Gentle Reprocessing, I was skeptical that it could work. But after using this process, my issues actually resolved themselves. Later, if something was dragging me down, I found myself using this skill on my own. It’s very empowering to use Gentle Reprocessing and enable myself to have control over life’s issues, issues that could drag me down and keep me in the dark, rather than moving forward in the light.” – J. Loether Client

“I have read ‘PTSD Cure’. I have had the pleasure of having David Norwood work with me. I am a two tour combat veteran and a survivor of a massive natural disaster . David’s work with me using this technique is like a miracle for me. It saved my life and I wish all combat veterans could experience the ” cure” I received by your technique (Gentle Reprocessing). I am doing so well that I have been given the opportunity to speak at a PTSD/ tragic brain injury retreat in March.” – Mike Damon (Gentle Client)

“This Gentle version has helped me to quickly and easily achieve relief, insight, and substantial shifts/movement. I believe Gentle is a truly revolutionary breakthrough, allowing me to ease in quietly and simply remove the underpinnings associated with years of trauma, pain, or dysfunction. Under Diane’s attentive guidance, undesirable habitual behaviors and responses were directly and rapidly transformed, while the dysfunction fades in the face of a more common sense perspective.” – Client

“For anyone who has spent years in talk therapy as I did, finding Diane Spindler and her work is truly a miracle. Working with guided imagery and Gentle bi-lateral stimulation, Diane and I were able to blast through years of trauma and resolve and release old emotional patterns quickly and easily. I worked intensively with Diane over a 10 month period, once a week, every Monday. At the end I was left clear, balanced, whole and equipped with a tool box to resolve issues on my own. The work was deep and profoundly transformative and I have and will continue to recommend Diane to anyone who is in need of deep healing for trauma to the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. She is a sensitive, intuitive and strong healing force for good and I am blessed to have had the gift of her work in my life.” – Client

“Nine months ago, I embarked on a journey that I never could have imagined, one
that defined a new start to a better life. That journey began nine months agowith a family in crises, two small vibrating paddles and a caring guide. As I spoke to you and we began a process that was unknown to me at the time, (Gentle Reprocessing) I felt myself RELAX and RELEASE what we were discussing for the first time in my life.
Our therapy has changed my life, my husband’s life and my child’s life. I am not a different person for it, but a better person. For the first time in my life, I have a sense of well-being. Without the Gentle Reprocessing, I do not want to even speculate where my life would have been right now, but the progress that we have made with this process in a shorter time than I could have ever imagined has made a better life for my entire family.” – Client

If you would like to submit a client testimonial, please submit it privately to: dspindler@gentlereprocessing.com

NOTE: Images on this page are models, they are not the clients who have given permission for these testimonials to be publicized.

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