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What is Gentle Reprocessing™

Gentle Reprocessing  is a complete therapy made up of a unique integration of guided imagery, drawing, story telling, inner child work, cognitive therapy and EMDR components, among other proven therapies. It is designed to gently and rapidly dissolve trauma symptoms that prevent clients from living fully. Gentle Reprocessing reduces symptoms of PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, OCD, phobias, emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and Dissociation. Gentle Reprocessing has also been used with success for Performance Enhancement and Anger Control.

During the conception of Gentle Reprocessing an external and an internal approach were developed. The internal approach worked well for most adults to release traumas and mental health symptoms. The external approach was developed for children as young as 2 ½ and has been shown to work well with fragile adult clients such as war veterans and rape victims.

Gentle Reprocessing has been patiently and caringly refined since its inception in a private practice outside Boston in 1993.  Slowly, a few psychotherapists were made aware of this approach, and it was gradually examined and field research was expanded.  With this added corroboration, the Gentle body of work grew steadily from its origins of limited anecdotal evidence to where it currently spans the healing of thousands of clients, with a growing number of psychotherapists using it in both private practices and community agencies. Gentle Reprocessing has been presented at national and international conferences, and has been taught in accredited workshops in New Mexico and held annually at Boston University, as well as at other New England sites.

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