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Over the past few decades, we have seen the world going faster and faster with new technologies. There is no reason psychotherapy cannot go faster as well and it is. Up until now, clients have gotten stuck in their stories and no amount of self-awareness has helped them let these stories go.

Psychotherapy clients have reached a point where they know why they feel bad, but don’t know how to release these bad feelings that keep them attached to their old stories. Each feeling is linked to a body sensation, which makes the stories even stronger and harder to release. Gentle Reprocessing™ helps clinicians to assist their clients to dissolve the old negative feelings quickly, gently, and permanently so that the old stories no longer have any power over the client. Once clients are free of the emotional and physical attachment to the stories, clients are ready to be empowered by positive cognitions. They are ready to believe they are truly worthy human beings.

Gentle Reprocessing™ uniquely integrates aspects of many leading psychotherapies to dissolve symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, depression, OCD, phobias, abuse, and dissociation. Gentle Reprocessing™ has two comprehensive psychotherapy approaches, one Internal Gentle Reprocessing™ and one External Gentle Reprocessing™. Each has a distinct protocol and covers a different population. Because Gentle Reprocessing™ is made up of well-known psychotherapy techniques, it feels familiar to therapists and is easy for most clinicians to incorporate into their present style. This technique can be used immediately after the history is taken, without a lengthy preparation period. Many clients experience substantial relief within the first few sessions.

Gentle Reprocessing™, this therapy takes its influence from the ripple effect – “When you get better, the world gets better”.

Expanding numbers of accredited workshops and growing use in private practices and community agencies are yielding a meaningful body of clinical results, reaching thousands of sessions.  Surveys of Gentle Reprocessing therapists corroborate the benefits of the internal and external approaches and encourage their wider distribution to aid the many people in need of psychological relief.

I thank you for your interest and look forward to your comments and questions.

Diane Spindler, Gentle Founder

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