Clinician Services and Support include a variety of workshops that provide training on Internal and External Gentle Reprocessing™, lectures for staff and events, and ongoing supervision.

If you are a therapist and are interested in taking training in Gentle Reprocessing, please contact me at and I will add you to my mailing list.

Slaying the Monster™ – On-Line External Gentle Reprocessing™ Workshop

This 1 hour and 20-minute workshop can be taken at your convenience online. Once you have logged in you can go back to the workshop any time you would like over 2 weeks. This workshop is designed to teach you how to execute the External Gentle Reprocessing technique. A manual is included. Add this useful tool to your trauma toolbox. Works with clients as young as 2 1/2 years old. Helps even fragile clients such as war veterans and rape victims relieve traumatic symptoms quickly and deeply.

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Level I – Two day Gentle Reprocessing™ Workshop

The first day will teach clinicians how to identify targets, how to use External Gentle Reprocessing™, and the basic Internal Gentle Reprocessing™ protocol to relieve PTSD. The second-day clinicians will learn how to use a float back with Basic Gentle Reprocessing and how to deal with more complex protocols. They will be presented with protocols to work with simple and complex phobias, OCD, psychosomatic complaints, and anger control. The External Gentle Reprocessing drawing protocol is used with very young children and fragile adults. The workshop will use lectures, videos, live demonstrations, practical experience, and questions and answers to help clinicians prepare to use Gentle Reprocessing. Participants will receive a course manual. 12 CEUs for Social Workers or LMHCs are available.

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Level II – One-day Advanced Gentle Reprocessing™ Workshop

This one-day workshop takes Internal Gentle Reprocessing to a deeper level by combining it with inner child work. It also adds a protocol for miscarriages and abortions. The workshop will use lectures, videos, live demonstrations, practical experience, and questions and answers to help clinicians become proficient in this extended level of Gentle Reprocessing. 6 CEUs are available for Social Workers and LMHCs. Level I or permission from the instructor is a prerequisite.

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Gentle Reprocessing™ lectures of various lengths are available.
Contact Diane Spindler at 508-340-6055 if interested.

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If you are not sure you are doing Gentle Reprocessing the “right” way or are getting stuck, please take advantage of phone supervision at 508-886-0007. It is $120.00 an hour and it may be just what you need to add Gentle Reprocessing to your repertoire.  In person supervision can be made available by appointment.

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