Help relieve the suffering more quickly for your patients with anxiety, PTSD…

This is a two-day workshop. The first day will teach clinicians how to identify targets, how to use External Gentle Reprocessing™, and the basic Internal Gentle Reprocessing™ protocol to relieve PTSD. The second-day clinicians will learn how to use a float back with Basic Gentle Reprocessing and how to deal with more complex protocols. They will be presented with protocols to work with simple and complex phobias, OCD, psychosomatic complaints, and anger control. The External Gentle Reprocessing drawing protocol is used with very young children and fragile adults. The workshop will use lectures, videos, live demonstrations, practical experience, and questions and answers to help clinicians prepare to use Gentle Reprocessing. Participants will receive a course manual. 12 CEUs for Social Workers or LMHCs are available.

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What Clinicians Right After Taking a Workshop Are Saying:

“Material is critical to getting to the core of issues beautifully presented. loved it!!”

“Excellent. Well presented and explained. Seems like a powerful and transformative technique, easy to use. Thank you. Looking forward to sharing it with clients.”

“Diane is a skillful presenter and the class seemed to go by so fast. Diane was thoughtful and responsive to all questions.”

“Great – would like to do next class.”

“This was very well-paced. Plenty of time to discuss and ask questions. Not overwhelming or exhausting. Fun!”

“Looking forward to applying this model in my practice.”

“Diane has created a skill that will facilitate healing for many people through Gentle Reprocessing. I am excited about using this technique in the future!”

“What a great program to learn a new way to help our clients. This is a ‘must have’ for every clinician.”

“Very useful and valuable workshop.”

“I have been looking for a therapeutic tool like this…so glad to find something concrete.”

“I am so excited about this, and can’t wait to get back and use it on clients. …it takes care of over-escalating the client and allows them to contain and reprocess their emotions.”

“This training exceeded my expectations. I can’t wait to put it into practice.”

“Practical and gentle; open-ended. I will use this technique on a daily basis.”

“This was fantastic, and I hope to do further workshops.”

“Superb training – thank you!! A great blend of verbal instruction, practice, videos, and written materials.”

“Level II would be great.”

Client Testimonials

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