This one-day advanced workshop takes Internal Gentle Reprocessing™ to a deeper level by combining it with inner child work. It also adds a protocol for miscarriages and abortions. The workshop will use lectures, videos, live demonstrations, practical experience and questions, and answers to help clinicians become proficient in this deeper level of Gentle Reprocessing. 6 CEUs are available for Social Workers and LMHCs. Level I or permission from the instructor is a prerequisite.

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What Clinicians Right After Taking a Workshop Are Saying:

“This has been a wonderful tool to use with many of my clients. I have seen great progress made with several of my clients and look forward to using these new skill. (Gentle Level II)”

“Diane is a brilliant clinician who clearly and practically explains concepts. Gentle Reprocessing has greatly assisted my clients and provided relief far quicker than other therapy methods.”

“Gentle Reprocessing has gone from being an important tool in my clinical tool kit to being my first option go to method of working with trauma clients.”

“Gentle Reprocessing I & II was taught in a clear, concise manner. Diane’s teaching method of using lectures, taped therapy sessions and experiential learning enabled me to skillfully and confidently use with clients.”

“Gentle Reprocessing Level II Inner Child Work is exactly the piece/tool I was missing in my trauma and attachment work with clients. Accessing ths deeper level in a gentler way will help all of my clients progress and heal. If you have taken Level I, Level II is a must.”

“Very helpful training. Amazing transformative work! “

“As always it is such a great experience to hear and learn more about how Gentle Reprocessing can help others make lasting changes. the inner child work makes it all come together and even with the child population I work with I can apply it to some of my older adolescents who’s first experiences were at very young ages.”

“Diane has created a skill that will facilitate healing for many people through GentleReprocessing. I am excited about using this technique in the future!”

“What a great program to learn a new way to help our clients. This is a ‘must have’ for every clinician.”

“Very useful and valuable workshop.”

“I have been looking for a therapeutic tool like this…so glad to find something concrete.”

“I am so excited about this, and can’t wait to get back and use it on clients. …it takes care of over-escalating the client and allows them to contain and reprocess their emotions.”

“This training exceeded my expectations. I can’t wait to put it into practice.”

“Practical and gentle; open-ended. I will use this technique on a daily basis.”

“This was fantastic, and I hope to do further workshops.”

“Superb training – thank you!! A great blend of verbal instruction, practice, videos, and written materials.”

Client Testimonials

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