Online Workshop – Slaying the Monster or External Gentle Reprocessing

External Gentle Reprocessing™ is a unique combination of bilateral stimulation, drawing, story telling and positive cognitions which help people recover from traumas in their lives that have sapped their power. It helps relieve depression, anxiety, nightmares, anger, hyper vigilance, and flashbacks. It is appropriate for children as young as 2 1/2, reluctant teenagers, and fragile clients such as rape victims and war veterans. You can also use this approach on yourself to treat strong emotions. Most adults have enjoyed the Gentle Reprocessing technique and have seen many positive results, in as little as one session.

Watch a trailer about our External Gentle Reprocessing workshop:

About the Online Workshop

The course consists of a one hour and 20 minute video explaining the process and showing a live demonstration of the technique. There is also a manual included that you may download. It includes the protocol for External Gentle Reprocessing.                                  This extremely useful workshop is our gift to you for free in exchange for your contact information.

What Clinicians Are Saying After Taking the On Line Class:

I  want to tell you that I used this on a client who was stuck on being a victim, we were doing (another therapy), it was a very difficult experience for her and she just kept looping.  This process,(Gentle) literally set her free! It was a session that every therapist dreams of! And in such a fun, gentle way.  I have used it several times now, and find it an extremely useful tool in working with my clients. L. Healy – clinician

Very useful. As a therapist who is level 2 trained in EMDR, I found this to be a very useful technique. I would love to participate in more on-line trainings since the workshops are so far away for me. I live in Pennsylvania and we simply don’t have a lot of up to date trainings here. Please make more of your material available for on-line trainings.

Eager to start using it with my clients! Thank you.

It’s a tremendous program and I hope that everyone uses it in their practice because it genuinely helps people.

She (Diane) has created a tool that fits in with the hierarchy of other tools. It sets the stage and strengthens the sense of self so they (clients) can do much deeper work.

I thought it well suited for an online course, not too long but well explained and demonstrated. It was something I could use the very next day.

It seems pretty concise and clear. The printed matter is very helpful. I used some of the printed matter. The information list is helpful. I have used that. I have used the whole protocol as well.

I really thought that it was very thorough. The printout was very helpful. The video was very helpful, as was the online instruction. I really felt I got it. It is not rocket science. It is clear. I could use it right away. No technical problems with the site.

The nice thing about the course is that she (Diane) encourages creativity. It’s very individual, she emphasizes that in the training itself. We should be free to expand on it, change it, customize it, use parts of it. With that kind of freedom, she gives you the basics of it, the essentials, and tell you to go on. I can’t add to that. It is very straight forward.

What clinicians are saying after using External Gentle Reprocessing:

I was very happy with the results. Each (client) showed a different transformation of sorts in their sense of themselves after doing the exercise. I felt it very valuable. One client wanted the affirmations and took them home with her and seemed to feel that that was going to be helpful.

Many of my clients were able to internalize the process of overcoming internal blocks, just as I did. It has improved their general quality of life. I myself took the course last year and use it on myself.

It is a very comfortable way to approach dealing with trauma.

It seems to really empower clients and it allows clients to externalize bad things and internalize the useful.

We look forward to your comments on the workshop and how the process helps your clients.