Upcoming Workshops

These Workshops are for you if you want:

  • A safe way to work with trauma for your clients
  • To clear underlying causes of depression, anxiety, PTSD, panic attacks, phobias, and OCD
  • To be able to use this technique after the two-day workshop without need for further supervision
  • To help your clients heal deeply, quickly, and permanently
  • Expand your practice

April 5-6, 2019
Level I Gentle Reprocessing Workshop
Boston University, Boston, MA
Register with PEP at Boston University
12 CEUs for Social Workers
8:45-4:30 (class runs 9-4)

Spring 2021 (Date TBA)
Level I Gentle Reprocessing Workshop
Concord, NH                                                                                                                    Individual $400.00 up to 2 weeks before workshop. Then $440.00.
Register below
12 CEUs for Social Workers, Psychologists, LMFTs and LMHCs

Spring 2021 (Date TBA)
Level II Gentle Reprocessing Workshop
Concord, NH
Individual: $225.00 up to two weeks before workshop
Late registration $250.00
8:45- 4:30
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Slaying the Monster – Online External Gentle Reprocessing Workshop
Individual:  FREE
Add this useful tool to your trauma toolbox. Works with clients as young as 2 1/2 years old. Helps even fragile clients such as war veterans and rape victims relieve traumatic symptoms quickly, gently and deeply. See more details about this course under External Gentle Reprocessing.
Go to www.GentleReprocessing.com

Register for an Internal Workshop (not BU workshop)

Pay with  PayPal account by filling in the form below and clicking Pay Now or fill in the registration form and send it and an appropriate check to my mailing address.

You may also pay by mail. Copy the registration form below and send with an appropriate check to:  Diane Spindler, 32 Glenwood Rd, Rutland, MA. 01543.

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CEUs are available for Social Workers and LMHCs ONLY

Questions about trainings? Call Diane Spindler at 508-340-6055

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