Over the past several years there has been a lot of talk about treatments for PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) from EMDR to yoga. I am not sure how well all these other treatments work, but I do know that Gentle Reprocessing works to neutralize trauma.

How does Gentle Reprocessing work? When a traumatic event happens in a person’s life they store is in their psyche in four ways; the event itself, the emotions connected to that event and the body sensations connected to each of those emotions, and finally a set of negative beliefs that support the event. So if you were molested as a child, that would be the event. This would come with multiple emotions such as terror, anger, shame etc. Each of those emotions would be stored somewhere in your body. The terror might be all over, whereas the anger might be in your fists and the shame in your face. You will also start to collect some negative beliefs or cognitions about yourself; it was my fault, I am bad, I am broken. Gentle Reprocessing gently, quickly, and deeply helps people release the emotions that hold the trauma together. Once someone does not feel any emotions about the event, the trauma no longer bothers the victim. At this point, positive cognitions can be installed and easily believed. The traumatized individual no longer feels traumatized.

So what is the proof that this works? Gentle Reprocessing has been developed over the past 20 years. It started being taught to other therapists in 2001. There are well over 400 therapist who have been trained in the technique. Many therapists have made this their primary tool in dealing with trauma and have based their practice on the Gentle Reprocessing. These clinicians believe it works for their clients and continue to use it along with their particular therapy style. Someday a researcher will do a study and find out it works. But for now, both clients and clinicians are using it and finding excellent results.

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